02     craftsmanship

Defined by our commitment to craftsmanship, every Khanum’s collection is designed with longevity in mind. From our initial in-house sketches to our choice of expert Artisans; every step of our production process reflects our belief in the importance of traditional craft practices. Our devotion to a slower pace of production is a principle that ensures both our signature finish, but also delivers on our founding promise to create considered and purposeful garments to be treasured for a lifetime.

Production process

All of our pieces are designed in-house at our London HQ and are made to articulate our contemporary attitude. Our expertise in embellishment, fit and luxury fabrics underpin each collection where we create garments that are uncompromising in both their design and their quality.

Our obsessive eye for detail is omnipresent throughout our lengthy development process comprising CAD design, pattern cutting and fabric selection right until our signature labels are sewn to mark our finishing touches. Every intricate detail is tirelessly considered by our Design Team to ensure every Khanum’s collection communicates an inherent feeling of sophistication and empowerment.


Passed down through generations, our master Artisans combine a lifetime of craft knowledge and traditional beading techniques to create remarkable articles of beauty. Every piece is hand-made and hand-embellished by our Artisans to conceive a display of their meticulous craftsmanship.

The precision required to produce our embellished styles means that these items take over 3 weeks of work to complete. Every Khanum’s product is instilled with a sense of intense pride by our Artisans, where their emotional craft resonates deeply within each work of art.


Khanums’ decadent embellishment techniques use recycled pearls, diamantés and zardozi embroidery to create instantly recognisable handwork.

Using the traditional tones of precious metals, our masterful detailing has diverse inspirations from Girih tiles to the beauty found in nature. Boasting tens of thousands of individual beads on each garment, detailed adornments highlight our mastery of craft.

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